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If you’ve been thinking about painting your property and giving it a makeover, it’s time to consider professional painting services that offer a variety of paint colors and finishes for an exceptional painting job. Luckily, Revelation Painting Services is here and ready to handle your project with unmatched professionalism! Our team of experienced house painters company is in Perris, CA, and we can’t wait to transform your space. Read on to discover the other services we offer, including cabinet painting, drywall repair, and how we can help you get a free estimate.

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Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Our interior painting services aim to completely change the ambiance of your indoor space with vibrant colors, warmer hues, or a professional stain. Our experts include bedroom painting services tailored to meet your desired theme and paint color, highlighting our skilled painting expertise. You'll be amazed by the results and how they elevate the overall feel of your property, thanks to our dedicated painting company.
Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

With our team, you'll have various design options, can rely on a prompt and seamless installation, and experience our commitment to professionalism first-hand. With our exterior painting services, you will not only make your home stand out in the neighborhood, but you can also protect it against UV stays and harsh weather elements. With a fresh coat of paint, our team can hide any minor imperfections and prolong the life of the exterior surfaces, thereby ensuring an exceptional finish.
Drywall Services

Drywall Services

Choosing our drywall services, we will help you protect your interior walls against moisture damage and wear and tear. Drywall is extremely durable, can also be easily customized, and our team is always ready to show up on time for drywall repair. Let us handle the installation task and ensure your peace of mind! It's definitely worth the investment in the long run, especially when considering hiring house painters for a professional finish. Browse our customer reviews to see why we're the right choice. 
Stucco Installation

Stucco Installation

The advantage of stucco is that it is fire, mold, and weather impact-resistant, making it an ideal choice. It makes stucco installation and siding works to enhance the exterior appeal of your home. Our services include prep work for a flawless finish, ensuring we show up on time and maintain a high level of professionalism. Our team can ensure a prompt and effective execution of the job and significantly increase the energy efficiency and value of your home, especially with our residential painting services. 
Baseboard Installation

Baseboard Installation

Baseboards provide a seamless blend between ceilings, walls, and floors, complementing the overall paint color and design aesthetic. Besides the aesthetic purposes, baseboards will protect your surfaces from wear and tear when moving furniture, for example, and can be further enhanced with a fresh coat of paint by our professional painters. Give us a call for your carpentry or vinyl installation needs in for top-rate painting and vinyl services!
Door Installation

Door Installation

New door installation is the perfect alternative if your old one is beyond repair and you want an upgrade. Install a new door to enhance security and energy efficiency in your home. You can choose a design that matches the rest of your décor and let our team of painters handle the rest, ensuring a seamless blend with your interior or exterior. We promise your new door will be secure and make your home a more energy-efficient and better-insulated space. Contact us for exceptional installation and carpentry services. 
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The Benefits of Hiring Professional House Painters

Choosing professional house painting services for quality work on decks and brick exteriors. Professional painting services saves homeowners time and assures them that the job is finished to the very last detail. If you wish to read more about the benefits of painting, you can check out our blog pages for insights and inspirations on your next paint job with our professional painting company.

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How We Do It

At Revelation Painting Services, we use only high-quality paint and professional equipment. It helps us deliver long-lasting results and exceed our clients’ expectations, particularly when we undertake a comprehensive paint job, including meticulous prep work. You can learn more about our company and services by visiting our FAQ page.

Areas Served

We strive to deliver excellent painting solutions, including painting, door installation, and siding upgrades to improve home efficiency with a high rate of customer satisfaction to all our customers in Perris, CA. You can also benefit from our proficiency and services if you are in any of the following areas:

  • Mead Valley, CA
  • Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Woodcrest, CA
  • El Sobrante, CA
  • Grand Terrace, CA

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