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If you’re looking for a professional painting contractor near you in Perris, CA to handle your next painting project to increase curb appeal, we’re here to give superior customer service through our residential painting service. Revelation Painting Services is the team to turn to for a new paint job! With our skills and proficiency, we can completely transform your space and make it into a beautiful home through our home painting work.

Why Choose Our Company?

Established in 2013, Revelation Painting Services has been the choice of residential and commercial clients in town for over 11 years, excelling in both interior paint and home improvement projects. Our house painters are trained in the latest painting techniques and specialize in design trends to ensure they deliver incredible, long-lasting results regardless of the paint used. In addition, our residential and commercial painting work come with warranties, so you can rest assured that the quality of work you receive from our painting company is unmatched. From interior and exterior painting to baseboard and door installations, we provide painting solutions that ensures the absolute best results.

What Our Services Include

When following our painting process, we only source new paint such as semi-gloss from reputable brands, regardless of the type of paint. We carefully apply a coat of paint on each surface, from exterior siding to drywall. We even make use of the highest quality painting equipment, ensuring our interior painting services are second to none. It allows us to apply a new coat of paint on each surface smoothly and seamlessly, hiding any visible imperfections such as cracks and holes on kitchen cabinets, walls, and even the floor. We can even apply two coats if needed to complete the job. Our professional painters near you will also assist you in selecting the perfect colors, oil-based or not, according to your preferences. We guarantee the quality of work we do. Your customer experience will be excellent if you hire a professional like us to make the walls of your home or business look like new again!

Choose Us as Your Trusted Painting Contractor

If you’re in Perris, CA or in the surrounding areas and dream of transforming the look of your residential or commercial space through a repaint, feel free to contact us at (951) 758-0552 today for a fantastic job! Leave the interior or exterior paint job to our painting contractor so you can enjoy our high-quality finish and paint job. You can also take advantage of our superior offers and discounts with free estimates for our professional painting solutions! Get the best experience from us!

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